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Welding and Cutting Automation 


Automation increases productivity and the quality of welding whilst minimising weld defects and inconsistencies. Weld repeatability becomes more easily achievable.


Due to their wide range of solutions for the automation of welding and cutting processes, Gullco is a world leader in the manufacture of intelligent systems. 


Gullco offers unique solutions, to meet customer requirements on their metalworking projects of any complexity. 


Industries and Applications:


• Shipbuilding

• Petroleum and chemical tank and tank farm construction 

• Production of pressure vessels

• Trunk pipelines-orbital welding

• Metalworking

• Energy industry


The wide range of automatic welding head guide rails, both rigid for straight sections, and flexible for curved surfaces, provide the foundation of versatility, productivity and precision for welding, cutting, arc gouging and bevelling. The innovative rail mounting system allows work in 5G positions. 

Gullco systems make use of feedback for accurate speed control when working in any plane, regardless of load. The carriage is controlled by the new Gullco low-voltage 24-volt microprocessor pulsed width modulation motor control interfacing with the parameter controls. 

Power supply options include single-phase power supply 50/60 Hz AC with a voltage of 42, 115 or 230 volts.

Systems can be equipped, to order, with GSP wireless control, allowing remote control of all processes.


When welding, there is almost always a need for edge preparation/bevelling; Gullco has  solutions which can work at speeds of up to 2m per minute, for metal thickness from 8 to 50 mm.

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