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Pipeline spacers are used where the carrier or product carrying pipe is installed inside a casing pipe. This is mostly seen at locations where the carrier pipe is crossing or runs parallel to a road or railway. In many countries it is a legal requirement for the carrier pipe to be encased in these locations. 

RACI srl manufactures pipeline spacers from HDPE. In fact the entire system is 100% HDPE. There are no metal bolts or connectors as used by some.

The advantages of RACI’s 100% HDPE spacers are many and include:


•    Electrical insulation between the pipeline and the casing pipe. This provides long-lasting protection against corrosion

•    Easy insertion of the carrier pipe, preventing damage to the anti-corrosion and protective coatings

•    Easy and reliable mounting on the carrier pipe to prevent horizontal slippage during insertion

•    Dielectric chemical-resistant material

•    Resistance to thermal shock and stress during insertion to ensure continuous and lasting support of the carrier pipe

•    Made entirely of HDPE with no metal connection components required. 

•    Modular ring system enabling a wide range of pipe diameters to be covered from minimal stock. 

•    Easily assembled by inserting one element into another

•    Low friction coefficient

•    Can be installed on steel, concrete, cast/ductile iron or plastic pipe


RACI spacers are divided into eight groups covering a wide range of diameters. All elements are designed according to their different applications. Each group offers different heights so that the rings can be installed to allow for flanges, coupling joints, socket joints or simply to obtain better centring, when required. Heights are available from 15 to 200mm. 


Special spacer elements made from other polymers (to comply with specific temperature or mechanical requirements) are available, subject to minimum order quantities.

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