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The application and maintenance of anti-corrosion protection is one of the most important aspects affecting pipe manufacturing, laying and operation of pipelines. The two essential components of pipeline protection are:

•    Anti-corrosion Coatings

•    Cathodic Protection


Both are vital to ensuring the long life and operating safety of cross country pipelines.


At Izko Limited, we offer the very latest in anti-corrosion technologies alongside systems which have stood the test of time. From factory applied to in-field repairs and rehabilitation we can assist with your coating requirements for pipelines and storage tanks. Onshore, offshore, buried or in atmospheric service, operating at low, ambient or high temperatures, we can recommend the most suitable product for the operating conditions. From cold-applied tapes, through liquids and heat-shrink sleeves to visco-elastics, we believe we have a solution to every coating challenge in the oil and gas industry.

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Unfortunately, accidents happen and when they do, an oil spill can have a hugely detrimental impact on the environment in which it occurs. Whether this is a small, localised land spill land or a large spill in international waters, specialised equipment is needed to clean up the pollution and minimise the damage. For dealing with spills large or small, from heavy viscosity crude to light fuel oils, we have the expertise and the solution. 


Elastec is the world’s largest manufacturer of oil spill cleanup and surface water pollution equipment. With their manufacturing base in the USA, Elastec’s environmental products are distributed in 155 countries and include a variety of oil skimmers, containment boom, the renowned American Fireboom, turbidity curtains, work boats, portable incinerators and industrial vacuum systems.

Seal For Life Main Corporate
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