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The Lincoln Electric Company is the world leader in welding technology. A Fortune-1000 company, it began its activity in 1895, and now is global in its reach with factories throughout the world.

Lincoln is known for both its welding and plasma cutting equipment as well as a full range of consumables including welding rod, wire and flux.  Wire may be sold core or

flux-cored.  The latter eliminates the need for welding gases.

Lincoln manufactures equipment for manual, semi-automatic and automatic welding in applications ranging from pipeline construction to shipbuilding to general construction. 

The company is a true innovator. Its welding equipment employs the latest advances in microelectronics, allowing for an increasing number of functions while reducing weight, overall dimensions and energy consumption. Welding equipment software is state of the art. Interfaces are multi-functional and user friendly. Microprocessor-controlled welding processes minimise defects by intelligently adjusting inputs on behalf of the welder. 

Lincoln Electric Automation offers countless solutions for welding and cutting. In addition, the firm’s robotics department offers varied solutions and equipment for specific and unique tasks. 

In addition, the company offers customers a virtual welding environment that allows welders to develop skills with minimal use of welding materials and minimum power consumption. 

Welding materials are equally significant in Lincoln’s product line.  A wide range of materials is produced, ranging from construction industry to high-tech requirements set by the mining, oil and gas, nuclear energy, aircraft and space industries. Developed in the 1960s Lincoln’s self-shielding wire, Innershield, has been continuously updated and is still the best solution for welding oil and gas pipelines in difficult conditions along the right-of-way. When a task of any complexity arises, Lincoln Electric will always offer a suitable solution that assures quality and minimises costs.


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